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“Dr. Wanyama is a great asset to Minnesota…As Governor of Minnesota, I attest that he is fully welcome here. Please allow him to stay.”


-Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton



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At our  Immigrations & Customs Enforcement (ICE) meeting on March 9, 2018, we were told to return to ICE offices on April 5, 2018, to discuss "plans for departure" at that time. At the April 5, 2018 meeting, we were given instructions that we will need to return to Kenya sometime in July. We had a check-ins throughout the summer.


See 7/25/18 Star Tribune article for update.

See 9/5/18 Star Tribune article for update. 

The Board of Immigration Appeals has granted Mzenga and Mary a temporary stay of removal while they await the Board’s decision on their Motion to Reopen their asylum applications.  With the stay now in place, ICE must abide by the court order to refrain from any action to remove them from the U.S.  The grant of the stay comes as a great relief to Dr. Wanyama and the University who have been working on a plan for Dr. Wanyama to teach at one of the University’s international programs located in Namibia after ICE’s refusal to grant him any more time to remain in the U.S. and demanded that he depart the U.S. by September 9th. 


Dr. Wanyama is still required to attend regularly scheduled check-in appointments with ICE until the Board of Immigration Appeals issues its decision on the motion to reopen. His next check-in appointment is on October 1st.